LiTaO3 Crystals

LiTaO3 is an E-O crystal widely used for E-O devices, due to its good optical, NLO and E-O properties, and higher damage threshold. CASTECH supplies high quality LiTaO3 boules and wafers with the following specifications for standard applications. We can also offer other specifications upon request:

Basic Properties of LiTaO3

Crystal Structure: Trigonal, space group R3c,Point group 3m
Cell Parameters: a=5.154Å,c=13.781Å
Melting point 1650℃
Curie Temperature: 607℃
Mohs hardness: 5.5
Density: 7.46 g/cm3
Dielectric Constant:

ξ110 51.7

Elastic Stiffness Coefficient: CE11 2.33(X 1011 N/m2)
CE33 2.77(X 1011 N/m2)
Piezoelectric Strain Constant: d22 2.4(X 10-11 C/N)
d33 0.8(X 10-11 C/N)
Transmission range: 400-4500nm
Electro-optical coefficients: r33 30.4pm/V
Refractive index at 632.8nm: no=2.176,ne=2.180

Typical SAW Properties:

Cut Type νs(m/s) κ2s(%) TCV(10-6/oC) TCD(10-6/oC)
X-112oY 3295 0.75 -16.50 22.3
Y-Z 3230 0.66   35

Typical Specifications:



Boule Wafer
Diameter Φ3" Φ4" Φ3" Φ4"
Length or Thickness ≤100 ≤50 ≤0.35-0.5
127.86°Y, 64°Y, 135°Y,X,Y,Z, and other cut
Ref.Flat Orientation
Ref.Flat Length 22±2mm 32±2mm 22±2mm 32±2mm
Front Side Polishing   Mirror polished 5-15Â
Back Side Lapping   0.3-1.0μm
Flatness(μm)   ≤15
Bow(μm)   ≤25


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