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Fujian Castech Crystals, Inc. (CASTECH) was initiated by the Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter, Chinese Academy of Sciences, in 1988. CASTECH is a customer-driven organization distinguished from its competition by a commitment to excellence and the quality of its products and services. This commitment, fully backed by world-class R & D capabilities of the Fujian Institute, particularly in the area of advanced nonlinear optical materials and devices, ensures long term benefits to our customers when they buy products from CASTECH. The Fujian Institute is where BBO and LBO crystals were invented and where our state-of-the-art crystal growing and fabricating technology is developed.

At CASTECH, customer satisfaction is the most important standard by which we measure our success. Over the past decade, CASTECH has become the world's leading innovator and supplier of advanced nonlinear, electro-optic, laser, photorefractive, acousto-optic, birefringent, optical crystals and substrates for scientific, industrial and medical applications. Our success and ability to satisfy the expectations of our customers and employees will be continuously built on this excellence and team work, in a total quality environment.



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